Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chasing Dreams - Available August 1st

Legend says Niagara Falls has magical powers…

Selina LeClézio is no stranger to making mistakes. Sometimes she even seeks them out and makes them knowing full well what they are. But dating a tourist has never been on her list of mistakes to make. Even working on a boat tour of Niagara Falls and therefore seeing her fair share of prospects, none have ever seemed worth the risk … none, that is, until Nathan Lawson stepped onboard.
            Nathan Lawson is only in Niagara with his two best friends on vacation. He planned for a carefree time enjoying local brews, fishing, and—of course—a tour of The Falls. What he couldn’t have foreseen was meeting Selina and instantly growing close to her.  
          The two of them fall into a hot easy fling. Neither of them are bothered by knowing it can’t last, until the moment tragedy strikes and they are torn apart much too soon.
          Nathan is forced to return to the states just as Selina is thrust into her own personal struggles. Yet neither can forget the connection made between them.
          But even if they can overcome their own individual misfortunes, will they decide to chase their dream of being together? Or will it be left to the magic of The Falls to show them their destiny?


Nathan stared at the bottle in his hand and grew quiet for a moment. “People are trapped in history, and history is trapped in them.” 
 Selina stared at him for a moment before nodding. “Poetic.”
“Thank you.” Nathan finished his beer.
“I read the book though.”
Nathan’s eyes went wide. He was slow to bring his empty bottle down from his mouth. “Notes of a Native Son?” 

 Nathan winced, but followed it with a smirk he couldn’t keep hidden, though he appeared to be trying.
“James Baldwin,” Selina confirmed.
“It was a good one. I read it for my Classic Literature course.”
“Does that little routine usually work?” She couldn’t help the lilt in her voice. She was amused by this. It was obscure really. She’d bought a box of aged books at a garage sale for two dollars. She loved old books and that book just happened to be in the box.
That line had struck her when she’d read it. If it had been any other line from any other book she might not have been able to catch him in this, but that line spoke to her. Obviously it had spoken to him as well or he would never have thought to quote it and try to claim it as his own.
“What routine?” Nathan played dumb.
“Plagiarizing for the sake of getting into a girl’s panties?”
Nathan looked as if he was nearly ready to spit out his drink he was so surprised. Selina was quite pleased with his reaction.
“I must say,” Nathan began once he recovered. “You’re the first one to ever call me on it.”
Selina tried desperately to hide how much that delighted her. “Well, let me also be the first to tell you, that with me, you do not have to try so hard. I’ve already made my mind up about you.”

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