Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Michigan Author Spotlight with Kelly Kenyon

Continuing our Michigan Author spotlight we have  Kelly Kenyon here with us today.  Kelly why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself.

I have always been interested in all things artsy. Writing, singing, and the fine arts have been a passion of mine since childhood. I love becoming engrossed in an amazing story, thus my thirst for becoming an author myself. I tried out for American Idol a few years back. Didn’t make it, hence why I am still not famous yet ;)   I am currently a dental assistant/student/mother/wife. I am taking writing classes at Delta College and will soon achieve my writing certificate through them. I have been writing since a very young age, but have recently gotten back into it with more enthusiasm and hope to get some works published once I have finished them.

lol funny you should say that. My singing career didn’t work out either and that’s literally how I ended up here :) So tell us, are you published?
I have a couple short-short stories that I “self published” through smashwords.com. They are free to read. These were turned assignments that I had turned in for my writing classes at Delta, and I wanted to share them to get some feedback.

Don’t leave us hanging what’s the link?

Are you available in print? In eBook?
Right now, just the two short stories are available in ebook version on smashwords.com, however, I do plan on being available in print once I have some of my bigger works finished.

What do you write?  
My works in progress range from sci-fi to horror, but I have been writing some suspense and literary fiction as well.

Great! Now on to the nitty gritty … Are you originally from Michigan or just residing here now?

I am a Michigander by birth, and have lived in Michigan most of my life with the exception of a few years spent in Wyoming and Germany with my husband who, at the time, was in the Air Force. We moved back in 2007. Living in these other places gave us a better appreciation for our beautiful mitten shaped state. I never want to live anywhere else.

We know you’re a Michigan author but do you consider yourself to be a “Michigan Author?”
Most of my stories do take place in Michigan. The novel I am currently working on takes place on a fictional island on Lake Michigan.  Rainbows is also set in the “boondocks” of Michigan, in a small farm town where I grew up. I am currently writing a screenplay for my screenwriting class at Delta that also takes place on the Rail Trail near the Tridge in Midland, Michigan. A series I hope to work on soon, will be set in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I will obviously have to do some studying of that area to ensure that my scenes are authentic.

Are there any specific places you’ve written about that are borrowed from real life?

Some of the places I write about are real. In Rainbows, the dirt road and field are real places I have visited. The Rail Trail in Midland is also a real place. It used to be a railroad. It was paved over and made into a pathway for bikers, joggers, and roller bladders to use leisurely.

Do your fictitious towns have any basis in real-life? In my main project I have created a fictitious island in Lake Michigan. There are some islands in our lakes, but this one is totally sci-fi based and does not truly exist. However, the city that is also fictitious is loosely based on Ludington, Michigan, a small little pier town along Lake Michigan.

Can we get a little snippet of what you’re working on right now?
Well, this book is in the making as we speak and has been for a few years now. I decided to get some more experience under my belt before attempting to finish the project. Once it is finished and published I will give out that information. But for now, the two short stories on smashwords will suffice as a sample of my writing. Keep in mind, these two works were assignments for classes, and are very raw. They were edited by me, not an experienced editor. The novel I am working on is my baby, and I have to keep her protected until she is ready to face the world. It is a Sci-Fi/Horror/Romance mix, and I think it will be epic ;)

Sounds like it!
You set your books in Michigan, is it because of that old adage “Write what you know” or is it something else?
What is your favorite thing about Michigan? It is definitely the adage write what you know. I find it very hard to write about other non-fictitious settings when I have not personally experienced them. You can create a whole new magical world, but even then, those places have some basing on places you have already encountered.

What is your favorite thing about Michigan?
When we lived in Wyoming, I deeply missed our beautiful trees. Wyoming was barren and dry, Michigan is vibrant green, and we have lakes everywhere. In Wyoming you had to travel very far just to find reservoir in the mountains. In Germany I also missed our beautiful lakes, but there it rarely snowed. When it did, it melted right away. So, my favorite things about Michigan is our beautiful greenery, our refreshing lakes, and of course our plentiful snow.

I love the snow too!
Okay now some just for fun questions …

Three brands of fudge from Mackinac Island. (Jennifer Day/Photo for the Tribune)
Salt Water Taffy or Mackinaw Island Fudge:  Fudge. Can’t beat chocolate ;)
The Island or the city: I can honestly say I have not been to the Island, or at least not that I remember. So my choice would have to be the city. I also come very close to needing a changing after crossing the bridge. Me + heights= bad news.
Yeah … I’m not such a fan of heights either.
Trolls VS. Yoopers
your vote: Trolls
Your favorite Michigan Season:  Fall. So many beautiful colors!
Michigan or Michigan State: Michigan!
Football or Hockey: Football
Your favorite Michigan City: Ludington
Your favorite Michigan Lake: Michigan
Your favorite Michigan Hideaway: Rogers City
A beautiful choice!
Paradise or Hell: I am a horror buff, so I’d love to visit Hell, especially when it freezes over.

Tahquamenon Falls
I’ll let you borrow my Get Out Of Hell Free card when you go …  on second thought maybe you better get your own ;)
What’s your favorite Michigan Highway : Um...75?
Favorite Michigan tourist activity: Visiting the falls (Tahquamenon) Your favorite book that showcases Michigan: The Virgin Suicides
And finally what’s next for you?  When can we expect to read more from you?

I do not have a release date for my next piece of writing. It may take me a while. I am simply trying to get through with the classes needed to achieve my writing certificate. Once this is finished, I plan on getting more serious about my novels. I wanted these classes to better understand the work that goes into writing, the formatting, and the confidence boost I needed to realize that I can do it! My Plan is, finish out the program at Delta. This summer, however, I am going to be spending more time writing for me, not for assignments. These ideas are eating away at my brain and I need to get them out on paper. I know now what I am capable of and that I can captivate my audience with my writing. I am ready for the next steps in my future career as an author.

How can we keep up with you? Give us your social media stats ;)
Facebook page:
www.facebook.com/kellyjokenyonBlog/webpage:  http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/KellyKenyonGreat! Thanks Kelly! It was so nice having you here today!
If you have a comment or a question for either Kelly or … well … Kelli  leave them in the comments below and one of us will respond.  
Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow too for day three in the Michigan Author Spotlight.


  1. Hi Kelly, You should definitely visit Hell. It has a wonderful ice cream parlor, a putt-putt course and so many small quaint places. The Damn Site Inn has yummy food even though it looks like a biker bar. I live by there and so many people drop off their holiday cards to be mailed from there!

    1. Hey Melissa.
      I know you're talking to the other Kelly but I just have to say I have visited Hell within the last year and I loved it. We had so much fun. So yes, Kelly you better get your but down there and have a Helluva time ;)