Friday, June 8, 2012

Sneek peak excerpt from Lucky Enough

Here guys I've been thinking I needed to give you a glimpse at something you haven't seen before. So here's a quick little excerpt of the book that is currently sitting in editor's inboxes.  It's from the very first book in The Whisper Hollow Series from a book called Lucky Enough. Enjoy!!

"She took a peek behind her after she rounded the corner and she caught a glimpse of her ex looking around for her. She hoped he didn’t spot her a second time. That’s when she startled a man who was coming out of the bathroom. The ladies room must have been at the other end of the hall. She had nowhere to turn.

“Reagan!” Lance called out to her. She couldn’t turn back and she obviously couldn’t go forward…or could she?

She looked up at the guy in front of her and let out the breath of air she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. “Hi,” she whispered but she spoke quickly because she could hear Lance’s footsteps behind her and he was gaining ground. “Wow,” she spoke and the guy bunched his brows together and smiled down at her. “You are…really good looking.” The smile grew larger and her heart started racing.

“Reagan!” She heard behind her again only so much closer now.

“Ok. I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Even his voice was delicious. Low and deep and with just the right amount of gruff texture that it made her knees weak.

“For what I’m about to do.” He had a mint in his mouth that made his breath smell so good. She licked her lips but his – his were already damp. She could tell that he was the kind of guy who just always had those kiss-ready-lips. She was crazy for kiss-ready-lips. He had hair that fell in front of his eyes that women yearned to find on a man just so they could push it out of the way, run their fingers through it and maybe even pull on it a little.

“Reagan? Can’t you hear me hollering for you?”

“Please, please, please with one million cherries on top – just follow my lead.” She then reached up, shoved her hand up the back of his head, threaded her fingers into his thick brown hair and pulled his lips to hers.

He was surprisingly easy to convince. Her only thought had been to prove to Lance that she didn’t need him. She had moved on and the fact that this guy that she was kissing was way hotter was just an added bonus. But then their lips touched…and Lance disappeared…and with him so did everything else.

He kissed her. He really kissed her. Not just faked kissed her like she had hoped he would. He was blowing her top off. His arms wrapped around her waist and she tightened her arms around his neck. His tongue flicked against her lip and well … she didn’t make a habit of giving it away for free but she was not going to turn down this kiss with the hottest stranger she’d ever laid her eyes on. Hey – she never claimed to be on any moral high ground here but even if she was this was her weakness. Kisses. She loved a good kiss. And boy could this man kiss!

He kissed so well her mind was completely blown. She was just feeling- feeling his leg slide up between her thighs, feeling his hands run down her sides to cup her bottom, feeling his tongue slip into her mouth, sliding repetitively and teasingly against her tongue. She had goose bumps and heat flashes all at the same time. Her bones were gelatin. Her mind was mush and her insides…lava."


  1. omg i would so love to read more lol this caught my attention lol

  2. Thanks Tiffany! Maybe with in the next couple of days I'll post a couple more excerpts then :)