Monday, June 11, 2012

Bad Boys & Why We LOVE them.

I've decided that I need another bad boy in my life. It's a little early to start on another book since I'm not currently done with the one I'm working on right now but let's dish a little. What is it about a bad boy that draws us in? 
FYI some of your ideas may help me shape my next hero so let's make this one amazing discussion. ;)


  1. It's all about the attitude, they do things their way and don't care what others think.

  2. Well It seems as though I attract all the bad boys in my life so i should be a good help!

    The bad boy is the boy that all the girls fantasize about...You know that one boy who rescues the girl from the train tracks, kisses her then runs off and robs a bank LOL.

    Their the guy that no one would mess with, which gives girls a sort of comfort. You explain the comfort.

    Plus it seems that all girls like a little bit of a challenge, lets face it, bad boys are a challenge that we hope we could "change"

  3. Good stuff guys. Let's keep it coming! :)

  4. Bad boy has to have a tainted past- something that haunts them and makes them want to be bad even if they really are sweet :) Happy writing.