Thursday, February 28, 2013

Talked about on SBTB

Smart Bitches Trashy Books is talking about One Lucky Deal

I sent Sarah Wendell, from Smart Bitches Trashy Books, an e-mail awhile ago asking for an honest review. While she hasn't actually reviewed it she is talking about it with Jane Little from DearAuthor. The part of One Lucky Deal that Sarah spoke in great detail about was the friends to lovers transistion these two go through.
I'm glad that this is what she picked up on the most. I'm proud she was impressed with that aspect. This was the piece of the story that I was most concerned with being truly authentic. Friends to lovers is my favorite story-line to read and to write. I love writing guys-guys and writing heroines who can hang with the boys and that is definitely Tad and Candace.
I truly hope that the experience would have been better for her if she'd read the first two, and I'd be interested in hearing what she had to say about them as well. While maybe not everything she said was overtly positive about this book, I'm more than pleased with the honesty of her analysis. I agree almost wholeheartedly with everything she's said. I really appreciate her taking the time to not only pick up one of my books but to include it in the DBSA Romance Fiction Podcast for this week.
And if you haven't had the chance to read the Whisper Hollow Books - I hope you find a moment to do so - I promise they are not a waste of time.  

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